Prepaid Funerals Code

Closes 26 Sep 2023

Opened 13 Sep 2023


The Fair Trading (Prepaid Funerals Code of Practice) Regulations 2020 (Prepaid Funerals Code) prescribes requirements for prepaid funeral contracts in Western Australia and commenced operation on 1 March 2021.

The purpose of the Prepaid Funerals Code is to impose requirements on the sellers of prepaid funerals to give consumers greater consistency, clarity and certainty when entering into a prepaid funeral contract. The Prepaid Funerals Code also aims to guard against loss of monies paid in advance by imposing investment requirements for prepaid funds, including on investment managers receiving prepaid funeral funds.

Consumer Protection is undertaking a review of the Prepaid Funerals Code as required under the Fair Trading Act 2010 (WA) and, as part of this review, is seeking views on the experience and operation of the Prepaid Funerals Code since it commenced.

Why your views matter

Consumer Protection is undertaking this consultation to seek your views on the operation of the Prepaid Funerals Code. Whether you sell prepaid funerals, or have entered into a prepaid funeral contract in the past, are considering entering into one in the future or simply have views on the Prepaid Funerals Code, your feedback is important to this review.

Feedback is essential to ensuring the best design of regulatory requirements and will help us determine whether the current Prepaid Funerals Code is working as intended.

Your privacy

All submissions and the names of persons or organisations that make a submission will be treated as public, and may be published on the Department’s website, unless you request that your submission be kept confidential, or if we consider (for any reason) that it should not be made public. Any submission provided on a confidential basis remains subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA).

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