Funeral Pricing Code

Closed 22 Apr 2022

Opened 17 Mar 2022

Feedback updated 9 Nov 2022

We asked

Consumers and the funeral industry were asked for feedback on the draft Funeral Pricing Code.

You said

Feedback received is published in the Policy response to industry submissions and Summary report (infographics).

We did

The WA State Government approved the Funeral Pricing Code which is effective from 1 May 2023, six months from the publication of the notice in the Government Gazette (8 November).

Consumer Protection will distribute educational resources for funeral directors to meet the Code and inform consumers, especially vulnerable groups.


Feedback is now closed. Thank you to those who made a submission.

Industry and consumer views were sought on a draft Funeral Pricing Code of Practice which will require funeral directors to provide upfront and transparent prices for all funeral goods and services. This will enable consumers to compare prices of various funerals goods and services without being required to engage with a funeral director.

The development of the draft Code was in response to recent investigations into the funeral industry have found a lack of price transparency on funeral goods and services (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report (ACCC) and CHOICE investigation report).

Further information about the consultation is available from Funeral Pricing Code of Practice consultation page on Consumer Protection's website. 

Why your views matter

Feedback from industry and consumers was sought on how:

  • consumers were experiencing problems with organising funerals
  • easily businesses could comply with the new code
  • businesses could potentially be impacted
  • consumers will benefit

What happens next

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. 

Feedback on the Funeral Pricing Code will assist the Government in making a decision about any changes to the draft Code.

Any updates will be published here. 



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