WA Fitness Industry Code of Practice review

Closed 5 Jan 2024

Opened 28 Nov 2023


Fitness service providers such as gyms and personal trainers are bound by rules set out in the WA Fitness Industry Code of Practice

The Fitness Code sets out rules for contract terms, payment methods and information a fitness client must recieve. 

Changes in the Fitness Code were made in July 2021 to address common consumer issues such as sales tactics, membership agreement terms and termination of agreements. 

We are interested in whether the Fitness Code is working effectively by ensuring good service, fair outcomes and if there are still issues impacting consumers and businesses.  

Why your views matter

If you are a user or provider of fitness services then we want to hear from you. 

Your feedback will assist Consumer Protection to assess if the Fitness Code is working effectively and if any changes need to be made.

Please note, we are reviewing your activities since the introduction of the Fitness Code on 1 July 2021 only.

What happens next

The feedback received as part of this consultation process will contribute to our review of the Fitness Code. Any updates will be published here.


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